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Austin Equine Partners

Personal Growth and Healing Assisted by Horses

Our Mission is to facilitate personal, professional, spiritual growth and healing through experiential learning in partnership with horses.

Horses are majestic beings who can ground us in the depths of our spiritual essence and teach us how to find our way back to what is authentic and true within our own lives and in community with others.

Why Horses?

Horses live in a highly structured social group. As animals of prey, horses depend on their herd for survival and have cultivated a profound sensitivity to those around them in order to be alert to danger. Horses use their whole body to sense and interpret their environment.

They respond to both positive and negative changes in posture, stance, and breathing within herd members- horse and human alike. Therefore, horses provide constant feedback with their body and behavior. Horses get noticeably uncomfortable with the slightest incongruity of emotion and intention, yet calm down the moment the emotion is acknowledged.

At the same time, they are exceedingly patient and forgiving. Horses are facilitators in the work of human development and teachers in the art of living authentically. They do not hold on to what happened yesterday or even five minutes ago. They respond honestly in the moment and then go back to grazing

Horses are consummate teachers of basic life skills and living authenticity.

They respond or react to our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Interactions with horses model hu man transactions in businesses,

communities and families

Horses are compassionate leaders.

They are highly sensitive to the body language of other herd members.

They rely on their instincts to communicate clearly.

They respond honestly in the present without judging and holding

on to the past.

Deep and profound healing is possible just by being in their presence.

“As I walked into the round pen, I felt as if I was a toddler walking

towards pure love. All at once my heart opened and the pain I

been carrying seemed to dissolve.” LB, Arizona

“I had not been able to walk longer than 20 minutes due to physical

illness yet when I was in Persia's presence 2 hours went by and I

felt energized. My shoulder did not have any pain.” RH, Texas

“Looking into the eyes of a powerful being, I felt totally accepted for

the first time in my life.” MB, Maine

What is Equine Experiential Learning?

Equine Experiential Learning expands human potential.

It works through the process of interacting with horses.

Facilitators guide you though reflective non-riding activities with horses to reach greater awareness of your unconscious thoughts, feeling, and behaviors.

Specially designed non riding activities deepen your awareness.

You will become aware of personal issues, core feelings, and areas of

bodily tension that inhibit your ability to reach your true potential.

The horses and qualified facilitators teach you how to make powerful choices based on awareness instead of habitual patterns.

By recognizing and moving beyond coping strategies you will develop

an experience of life based on compassion, vitality, creativity and


Recognizing and addressing emotional patterns opens opportunities for more fulfilling and authentic relationships.

By being more aware of choices you are able to hold a compassionate

space with yourself and other seven in the midst of challenge.

These experiences become the bases of partnership for horses and humans and have applications in areas of :

Personal and Professional Relationships

Family and Friends

Business and Career Development

Personal and Spiritual Growth

True partnership requires mutual understanding and respect.

Sessions take place out doors and offer a unique connection

to nature and its rhythms.

They transport you out of your daily routines and habits.

It's a great opportunity to experience being more natural or

authentic in your life,

Each session may be very different from the one before.

Workshops and sessions provide an experience of sharing an unspoken

language and respect in a safe environment..

No previous horse experience is necessary.

What you will learn:

Private sessions and 1-2 day workshops provide a safe and inviting environment to deepen and develop personal, professional, and spiritual presence.

You will learn how to take new tools and expanded self-awareness back into your life, family, relationships,and community. You will learn how to be more authentic, set healthy boundaries,and actually live from a larger perspective of who you are and what’s possible for you.


Understand and use the messages behind your emotions.

Become aware of your physical signals as information.

Develop your own authentic expression.

Heal and integrate habitual ineffective patterns.

Expand and develop healthy relationships.


Learn authentic communication.

Get in touch with a deeper motivation and commitment.

Develop healthy options for stress management.

Maintain and express respectful boundaries.

Explore effective leadership


Enjoy a sense of peace and calm.

Discover mindfulness and a sense of aliveness.

Experience a deep and pure connection with another being.

Practice safe and loving interchanges.

Feel the profound and gentle power of your spirit within.

Find your own inner strength and inner wisdom.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who is interested in personal growth and learning can benefit from this powerful work: people who have never been near a horse before as well as novice riders and horse professionals.

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