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Austin Equine Partners

Personal Growth and Healing Assisted by Horses

About Us .

LynneSilver, MA LPC

Eponaquest Approved Instructor

Lynne Silver, M. A., certified in Transpersonal Psychology is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has been conducting trainings and facilitating individuals in Personal Growth and Development by providing programs to groups and individuals in various contexts for over two decades. She has a private practice in Austin, Texas

Lynne brings her life-long interest in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual integration to support individuals in optimizing their personal and professional lives. Lynne blends a deep compassion and commitment to service with her extensive background in psychology, stress management and spiritual practices in her work with clients. And has taught meditation classes for the past 30 years.

Lynne specialized training in trauma and biofeedback and is a Somatic Experience Practicioner, She has been Co-Program Director for HorseLink facilitating and creating workshops for Veterans and Trauma survivors for the past 7 years.

Lynne is a certified Advanced Approved Instructor with Eponaquest Equestrian Services. She brings her deep love and respect for horses to include Equine Experiential Learning as a way to facilitate healthy relationships, mind-body awareness, emotional resilience, leadership, and authentic communication with her clients.

Lynne feels that the well-being of horses are equally important and draws on her background in Equine Integrated Bodywork, Equine Touch and Equine Bioenergenics to support horses in their highest potential.

Although I fell in love with horses at an early age, I have had my horses for the past 20 years. While I have been trained in Parelli, Centered and Connected Riding my greatest joy is just being around horses, sharing breath and heart.

I am awed by the healing presence of horses and have come to trust the gentle wisdom that they so willingly share. They truly teach the art of compassionate communication and cooperation with an open heart.

As a volunteer Wild Mustang Rescue Center in Red Rock Texas, I had the opportunity to see how the natural instincts of horses provide powerful learning and healing experiences.

Through Equine Assisted Learning, I witness over and over that each of us carries within us the innate wisdom to create and experience our own unique and fulfilling life.

I feel privileged to team up with horses, nature and humans to facilitate the experience of authenticity, mutual healing and respect.

“My horses have been my most enlightened teachers. I feel horses are majestic beings that can ground us in the depths of our spiritual essence and teach us how to find our way back to what is authentic and true within our own lives and in community with others.”

Horses have been my most enlightened teachers.

Persia is a 20 year old Arabian mare. 

 She is very agile and responsive.

 Her sensitivity makes her a a wonderful teacher and guide.

Zoie is a 31 year old Arabian mare. 

 She was National Reserve Champion is 

Saddle Seat in 1995. She is a gentle and steady.teacher.

Spirit Ranch is a 32 acre wildlife preserve. 

We are in the process of creating a facility for workshops and sessions.