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Austin Equine Partners

Personal Growth and Healing Assisted by Horses

What You Will Learn

In private sessions and 1-2 day workshops you will experience a safe and non-judgmental environment to develop and deepen:


Understand and utilize the messages of your emotions. Horses teach us how to translate emotion into useful messages that can guide our lives in positive ways.

Develop your ability to use your body as information and access it's wisdom to become"present" and"grounded" in the moment.

Learn to use all of your senses in gathering information and making decisions. Having access to multiple channels of information allows you to make new conscious choices.

Uncover your own authentic expression and build authentic community.

Heal and integrate habitual ineffective patterns. Recognizing and addressing incongruent patterns brings more presence and integrity in interactions with people and horses.

Expand and develop healthy relationships. Healthy relationships begins with mutual respect. Practice safe and loving interchanges with others.


Lead by example and explore consensual leadership through your interactions with the horse. You will gain an understanding of shifting from a dominance-based to collaboration-based model for living.

Develop healthy options for stress management. A more balanced approach to circumstances allows a deeper motivation and commitment.

Explore personal space and boundaries with sensitivity and responsiveness. You will be able to get a first hand experience of what people and horses need in order to invite and allow a true heart connection..


Enjoy a sense of peace and calm. In the presence of peace and mindfulness and you will feel a sense of aliveness and well being.

Experience a deep and pure connection with another being. Interchanges will feel more safe and loving as you connect from your deeper heart.

Feel the profound and gentle power of your spirit within. When connected to your center you have access to your own inner strength and inner wisdom.

Expand your ability to live by heartfelt principles. Humans sometimes forget how to live from the Heart. If we listen and respect the way of the horse, they can show us the way back to what is truly meaningful.